Tips for Choosing Your Builder

Tips for Choosing Your Builder

The most important decision you will make on the road to your custom renovation is choosing the right builder. Choose well and you will have a true partner; one that will bring to life your dream home, and ultimately a house that your family will love living in for a lifetime. Settle for less-than-the-right-fit and you may regret it, not just during the build, but for years to come.

Here are tips to consider before choosing your builder.


A home isn’t a temporary residence. This is the place where you and your family will live for years to come. The place where your children will laugh, play and run down the halls. The place where you’ll entertain family and friends during holidays, birthdays and Saturday afternoons. The last thing you want to worry about are repairs, especially repairs to critical structural systems that may be difficult and costly to fix or upgrade later.

Your first priority when selecting a builder should be the quality of their work.

The key to your home’s longevity is quality products & workmanship throughout, and your builder should be implementing this process from the foundations all the way through to the paint on your walls.


The Master Builders Association of Victoria was established in 1875 by a group of distinguished builders’ intent on raising standards within the industry.

Since that time the organisation has grown to become a pre-eminent industry voice with members universally renowned for their reliability, skill and professionalism.

Members have access to a wide range of services, including best practice work standards and access to their independent advisory service.

Construct Melbourne has been an active Master Builders member since 2004. You can rest easy knowing you have engaged an experienced, knowledgeable builder to manage your project; a builder with access to some of the country’s best advisors and training resources.


Narrowing your search for a builder can be a bit overwhelming. A good start is searching based on your home’s location. From there, you can reach out to local builders to begin the vetting process.

Your relationship with your builder starts from the very first phone call, did they respond to your call in a timely manner? Were they professional and courteous on the phone? Make sure you identify any red flags along the way and don’t ignore any warning signs of a builder you’re not gelling with.

Talk with Construct Melbourne today to discover first-hand what we’re talking about.


The best builders to work with are fully transparent and happy to answer every question from the start. They will give you a timeline and a comprehensive estimate in a prompt manner. They will tell you their building philosophy and what products they use. And, they’ll tell you their relationship with contractors and all the different people who will be helping build your home.

Construct Melbourne offer complete transparency through the build process which means you can rest easy knowing you have engaged an experienced, knowledgeable builder to manage your project


This might be the first time you’ve renovated, and no one enjoys appearing uneducated. But, renovating your home is a huge investment of both your money and time. A good builder is not only willing to answer even your most ridiculous questions but will encourage you to ask them as well.


Finding a builder with whom you can connect is paramount. The right builder will ask questions and listen to your goals and vision. They will work hard to understand what products and design will best fit your lifestyle. Connecting on needs and wants early in the process can help avoid headaches later.

If a builder takes long periods of time to respond to you, it may be an early sign that you will experience frustration with communication throughout the build. You want a builder who responds promptly and makes you feel like their only customer.

In the end, you want a home that has been crafted to fit your family’s needs. There will most likely be more than one road bump along the way, so be sure to choose a builder who will make that road as smooth as possible.

There’s no silver bullet for selecting the right builder for you. However, following these tips may help lead you toward a builder you can trust.

Make the street view of the house appealing with clean, functional and easy to look at landscaping. Grass needs to be green, there should be no weeds and there should be no plant congestion with shrubs growing into each other. Other than making outdoor areas look functional and simple, spending money on landscaping usually equates to over-capitalising.


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